Thanks for being an Alpha Tester

(and for filling out our preliminary survey)

Here are the steps. Also, it's important to complete the 8 steps sequentially:

  1. A key requirement is that you must be running Internet Explorer Version 7. Make sure you have the right requirements by clicking here.
  2. Install the software: Instructions here.
  3. Get an Introduction
  4. Be a wowkast recipient
  5. Be a wowkast creator (microphone required)
  6. Take the survey: Go back to the second email we sent you and  click on the survey link .
  7. Please email us a time when we can contact you for a 5 min debrief
  8. To uninstall the wowkast alpha toolbar go the start menu of your computer and select the uninstall option under Wowkast.

That's it! We are really grateful for your time...and would like to send you a gift certificate from Amazon for your trouble. Details at Step 7.

If you have any problems call 415-613-6964 and/or send email to