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Online Education

I truly believe that the internet has a long way to go to fulfil its promise in education. The main problem isn't technology; rather it is institutional inertia. Of course there are exceptions and that is why I am associated with MIT Open Courseware.

To see how things are likely to change check out the Khan Academy and Alcumus for basic math education. Khan wants to be more and I hope they succeed. Alcumus is part of a larger effort that tries to support the needs of young math enthusiasts. If you are into math but think that you might have forgotten the basics, I think you should sign up for Alcumus since they have done a wonderful job of selecting interesting problems and incorporating social networking into their platform.I also think that Stanford has taken a huge step forward with the three full computer science courses (AI, Machine Learning and Databases) they are offerring for free. A fantastic introductory programming course is MIT's 6.000.

I am very interested in understanding the best way English can be taught world wide.

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Abhay K. Parekh