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Although I am interested in many (too many!) things, my academic focus is on trying to understand how distributed resources can/should be shared. We tend to think about sharing well defined "things" but very often the resource is harder to grasp!

For example, I have looked at how autonomous wireless systems should share spectrum. The traditional notion of dividing the band into discrete frequencies which are then allocated to different systems is often an inefficient use of bandwidth. However, what is better? In this case we have a resource (spectrum) that is hard to define and there are few fundamental results to guide us. The nature of interference is inherently distributed since it so dependent on where the receivers are located vis-a-vis transmitters. This is the kind of problem I like to think about.

Here is a link to a book I have written with Jean Walrand on the subject of Sharing Network Resources.

I am interested in how the distribution of media over networks. Recently, I have looked at the problem of the potentially unreliable bandwidth and storage of a peer-to-peer network to deliver movies to be streamed. Unlike some solutions ours works well for unpopular movies.

In the past I was interested in how the buffer and link capacity of wired link can be allocated to the traffic flows of packet network so that the allocation is efficient and flexible performance guarantees can be assured.

Finally, I have always been interested in how global problems can be solved via simple local rules. I have thought about this in the context of asynchronous distributed algorithms.

Papers, Presentations Etc.

Distrbution of Multimedia Video

Hao Zhang, Minghua Chen, Abhay Parekh and Kannan Ramchandran, "An Adaptive Multi-channel P2P Video-on-Demand System using Plug-and-Play Helpers " Submitted for Publication, 2010

Interference in Wireless Networks

Guy Bresler, Abhay Parekh, and David Tse, "Approximate Capacity of the Many-to-One Interference Channel ", IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol 56, pages 4566-4592, 2010. Citations.

Raul Etkin, Abhay Parekh and David Tse, "Spectrum Sharing for Unlicensed Bands":

My Ph.D. thesis:

Abhay Parekh, A Generalized Processor Sharing Approach to Flow Control,  Ph.D. Thesis, MIT 1992,  Presentation (1992). Citations

And the papers derived from it:

A. K. Parekh and R. G. Gallager, "A generalized processor sharing approach to flow control in integrated services networks: The Single Node Case," IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 344--357, June 1993.  Citations.

A. K. Parekh and R. G. Gallager. A Generalized Processor Sharing Approach to flow control in Integrated Services Networks - The Multiple Node Case. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2(1):137150, April 1994. Citations

A. K. Parekh and R. G. Gallager. A generalized processor sharing approach to flow control-- the single node case. In Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM'92, 1992.

Abhay K. Parekh, Robert G. Gallager: A Generalized Processor Sharing Approach to Flow Control in Integrated Services Networks: The Multiple Node Case. INFOCOM 1993: 521-530

Continuation of this work:

L. Georgiadis, R Guerin, A Parekh: "Optimal multiplexing on a single link: delay and buffer requirements" IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY, VOL. 43, NO. 5, SEPTEMBER, 1997. Citations.

 L Georgiadis, R Guerin, A Parekh: "Optimal multiplexing on a single link: delay and buffer requirements" .PROC IEEE INFOCOM  pp. 524-532, 1994.

Peering for Virtual Circuit Networks

I. Cidon, T. Hsiao, A. Khamisy, A. Parekh, R. Rom and M. Sidi, "OPENET: An Open and Efficient Control Platform for ATM Networks," Journal of High-Speed Networks, Vol. 8, pp. 195-210, 1999. Citations.

Israel Cidon, Tony Hsiao, Asad Khamisy, Abhay K. Parekh, Raphael Rom, Moshe Sidi: OPENET: An Open and Efficient Control Platform for ATM Networks. INFOCOM 1998: 824-831

Ad Hoc Networks

Abhay K. Parekh: Analysis of a Greedy Heuristic for Finding Small Dominating Sets in Graphs. Inf. Process. Lett. 39(5): 237-240 (1991) Citations

AK Parekh -  "Selecting Routers in Ad Hoc Networks", Proceedings SBT/IEEE Intl Telecommunications Symposium. Citations.

High Level Presentations on QoS:

Quality of Service Re-examined: Presented at a  Networking Seminar, U. C. Berkeley, 1997

The Great Internet Deadlock, ICIR, Berkeley 2002

Why there is no Network QoS and what to do about it, IWQOS 03, Monterey, 2003.




PAT. NO. Title
1 6,735,633 Full-Text System for bandwidth allocation in a computer network
2 5,835,711 Full-Text Method and system for implementing multiple leaky bucket checkers using a hybrid synchronous/asynchronous update mechanism


I have taught in Berkeley's EECS department where I am an Adjunct Professor. Here are some examples:

Berkeley EE126: Upper division Undergraduate Course in Probability, 2011

Some Lectures from a Graduate Course in Networking at Berkeley in 2003:Overview, Distributed Computation, Hierarchical Routing, Overlay Routing,